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Here’s the scoop:

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  • Our Natural, 44 ingredient superfood is awesome for preppers and folks trying to be prepared, lose weight, support joint health and feel younger.
  • Email [email protected] for a free sample for yourself
  • We work hard to source the best ingredients from around the world, we CARE about our mixture and what your customers put in their bodies.  It’s not easy, believe me.[/green_tick_1_list]

Now, here’s how much $$$ you can make: 

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  • Our emails regularly get 7-8% GROSS click through rates (that’s 8 out of 100 subscribers click through, not 8 out of 100 openers).
  • Conversions are 8% all the way up to 17% for some lists.
  • Earnings Per Click are all over the board (we’d be lying if we said otherwise) but a typical drop in spring of 2017 to a survival list that liked health offers did $8,155 on ONE drop to a list of 40,000 buyers.
  • That drop had 3385 clicks, so the EPC was $2.41 PLUS ONGOING COMMISSIONS FROM SUBSCRIPTIONS AND UPSELLS!
  • A more accurate metric might be earnings per subscriber (since clicks are hard to predict) we’ve consistently seen $200 per 1000 subscribers for affiliates.
  • This is a PPC monster too.  Our own efforts earn about $0.20 per click when accounting for affiliate commissions, so if you can get traffic for around $0.15 you can kill it with this offer.[/green_tick_1_list]

Plus we’re constantly releasing fresh baked, gooey email creatives and banners to keep your promotions fresh.  Yum.

Here’s the commission structure:

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  • Earn 75% on the upfront sample offer (yes you get 75% of the $5 Shipping and Handling Fee)  EMAIL [email protected] TO GET WHITELISTED FOR 90% UP FRONT RATES
  • Earn 45% on the back end upsells, and this funnel is an upsell MACHINE.
  • First upsell is a $39 1-lb bag > $199 superpack > $69 monthly
  • We see 50% upsell rates regularly
  • You’ll get 45% on ALL of those upsells in perpatuity.[/green_tick_1_list]

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