A World Without Police

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

The last week has been an interesting one to watch. Rioters and troublemakers have just about completely hijacked the George Floyd protests and ANTIFA (the facist organization) has taken over six blocks of downtown Seattle, throwing out the police and the mayor. Various cities across the nation are talking about defunding or disestablishing their municipal police forces.

Dissolving the police is probably one of the worst ideas that anyone has ever come up with. The world we live isn’t suddenly turning saintly overnight. If anything, there’s more of a need for good policing today, than any other time in our lives. Getting rid of the police would give the criminal element free reign.

Unfortunately, the police are no longer respected, nor is our entire legal and judicial system. Young people seem to think they can act with impunity, giving the police a hard time, without any risk of repercussions. Then, when the police do step off the reservation, they are vilified by the press and left-leaning politicians.

I don’t know where all this is going, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few cities tried getting rid of their police, probably in an attempt to appease the violent element in their midst. What that will mean is that the only law which will exist is the law that citizens enforce themselves.

This is dangerous in its own right, because every time you or I take up arms in defense of ourselves and our families, we are putting ourselves at risk of legal action being taken against us. With the current political mood in this country, I’m not sure that I’d want to take my chances, going to court. And I live in one of the most conservative states in the nation.

There was a time, early in our country’s history, when there wasn’t organized law enforcement. The people themselves had to enforce the law, protecting their homes and their communities. But at that time, communities were smaller and the general population was more in agreement about what was legal and what was not. If a citizen found themselves needing to take up arms in defense of home and family, they could count on the community standing behind them, as long as they obeyed a few simple rules.

In some cases, citizens gathered together, forming vigilante committees. Different members would go on patrol at different times, protecting the community. Other communities gathered together and hired someone to keep the peace, paying them to be the law for their community.

At all times, common sense and a commonality of understanding of what is right and wrong permeated law enforcement. Few had any knowledge of the written law, but all had an understanding of right and wrong. That common understanding made it easy for them to stand together, whether in protecting their communities or in supporting those who were the protectors.

Today, we can’t even agree on the rules. When state governors are making statements that protests don’t have to be “non-violent” and allowing looting and vandalism to go unchecked, it shows how little understanding they have of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With that being the case, where do any law abiding citizens stand?

We may very well face a time, very soon, where the only law will be that which comes out of a citizen’s gun. When and if that time comes, you and I must proceed with extreme caution, to ensure that every action we take is above reproach and will stand up in a court of law. With mob rule going on all around us, we will need an ironclad defense case, just to keep ourselves from being thrown to the howling mob.

A recent change in law-enforcement has been the requirement for police in many cities to wear body-cams to record every interaction they have. As crazy as it might seem, if we reach this point where the police are no longer enforcing the law and we are forced to do so ourselves, I would highly recommend buying such a device. I just looked, and there are civilian versions available online, some of which sell for a very reasonable price.

Above all, always make sure you keep your cool. If there is any way to avoid violence, then use it. Keep your gun as your avenue of last resort. The video will show that too, demonstrating that you tried to avoid the confrontation and you tried to avoid reverting to violence. That’s something the courts usually can’t ignore.

Just one more part of being ready for anything, like keeping your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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