A terrifying new search engine

Imagine you walk into your baby’s room, and discover that a complete stranger, an evil hacker even, is calling your newborn a “slut”.

That’s exactly what happened to Marc Gilbert.

A new search engine can expose, and ultimately protect, devices that are connected to the internet:

Gilbert’s baby monitor was connected to the internet and was hacked by a sick freak.

The moral of the story is: be careful what you connect to the web.   If you have to connect something to the internet, like a router or a security system, check with this search engine to make sure your device cannot be hacked or accessed by
others.  You can search by IP address or address information.

If you do find a device of yours on this search engine, disconnect it or demand the maker increase security measures.

Looking out for you…

Chris Peterson

PS:  My friend David wrote me about these playing cards this week that are really neat.  They have 52 insider secrets from Survive in Place.  They cover things that I have advocated like operational security and nifty little survival tools.

They are on special now, check them out for yourself: http://www.urbansurvivalplayingcards.com/11special.php

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