A Second Amendment victory for ‘We the People’

Rob here with Patriot Privacy, Tiberian Growdome, and the Self-Reliance Institute.

As many of you know from an Advisory I sent almost two weeks ago to members of the Self-Reliance Institute (if you’re not a member, I’d love for you to join me there), the administration of President Barack Obama was moving quickly to stop the sale of ammunition for AR-15 style semi-automatics.

Specifically, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) revealed that it was proposing to ban the sale of 5.56 mm ammo.

The plan by the Obama administration was to bypass Congress and the American people and impose backdoor gun control on AR-15s by making it illegal to sell the necessary and desired ammunition.

In that Advisory, I asked that subscribers speak out against the ammunition ban and provided a number of links to information on how to make your voice heard.

Well, many of you, along with a huge number of your fellow Americans, spoke out and the ATF has raised the white flag of surrender – for now.


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OK, here are links to two stories about this important Second Amendment victory. And you’ve got to love the difference in the headlines.

Fox News headlined its piece in a very straight-forward fashion, “ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post put its bias against gun owners on full display with the headline, “How angry gun owners shouted down a ban on armor-piercing bullets.”

Yikes. No matter what you think about the issue, could there be a more biased headline that that?

Anyway, here are a few important snippets from the two articles that reveal what I believe to be good news if you believe in freedom and the Bill of Rights.

From Fox:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is shelving a proposal to ban a popular but highly lethal type of bullet, amid opposition from gun-rights advocates and hundreds of  members of Congress.

The agency said in a statement on Tuesday it would not seek to issue the final guidelines “at this time.” The proposal pertained to M855 “green tip” ammunition, used in the AR-15 rifle, which regulators looked at banning because it can pierce police body armor. …

Gun rights groups have argued that the ammo ban would be a backdoor attempt to ban assault weapons.”

From the Washington Post:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Tuesday it was backing down from a proposed ban on manufacturing and selling one of the most popular bullets used in AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.

The agency pulled the plug early, with still a week to go before the end of a one-month informal comment period on the proposed rule change that would have targeted these armor-piercing bullets. The ATF noted it had received more than 80,000 comments, and ‘the vast majority of the comments received to date are critical of the framework, and included issues that deserve further study.’

Criticism by gun-rights groups has been withering, accusing the agency of a “back-door” attempt at gun control with the proposal it announced Feb. 16.”

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you and so many other patriotic Americans spoke out against this move by the ATF and the rest of the Obama administration.

But we must remain vigilant. And I will. I will keep an eye on this issue and let you know if there is another move like this one.

Let me know what you think. Email me at [email protected]

Be safe, secure and free!

Rob Douglas – Former Washington DC Private Detective

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