A new really devious email scam

Looking through my inbox in the last few weeks I have come across some a really sneaky trick that spammers are using to try to get you to install malware on your computer.

This one is especially tricky because it looks like something you really need.  It probably looks something like this:

Name on Refill: Chris PetersonBilling and Shipping Address: xxxx Your Street
Information 5% Discount on all Refills.
For your refill follow here
Reordering Changes

Have you seen this lately?  Its especially disturbing because they have your address and many of us have
prescriptions that we are often looking to refill.  So it looks somewhat legitimate.

But upon closer inspection you’ll notice:

  • The sender isn’t anyone you recognize
  • It has no branding whatsoever from your pharmacy
  • The link (don’t click it!) in fact takes you to a server page that would try to load a malware file on your computer.  This malware would likely attempt to steal your passwords and important information by logging your keystrokes or stealing your files.
Its important to know who to trust online.  I hope I am slowly, but surely, earning yours.  When I send a link to another site or a product that we like, we ALWAYS go through a thorough vetting process to make sure we know the site and what they are offering.So, the moral is: don’t click on links from weird email addresses and pretending to sound like something you have bought, like medication.  I don’t know of any pharmacies (I could be wrong) that email your prescription information.  They generally call you.

Keeping you safe,

Chris Peterson

PS:  Speaking of keeping you safe I’m going to tell you about my favorite ‘preparedness’ product this weekend.  Its been updated for 2013 and I think you’ll really enjoy it.  Keep an eye out for it Saturday morning.

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