A Coming Nuclear War?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

The whole world has been watching the invasion of the heavyweight Russia against lightweight Ukraine. While the outcome of this war has seemed obvious from the very beginning, Ukraine is holding out remarkably well. Not one nation has sent troops to help them fight their war, although a number of nations have sent considerably military aid.

At this time the war is rather limited, looking like Russia fully intends to take over Ukraine. The big question is what they’re going to do after that. Vladimir Putin has made comments for years about how he wants to restore the greatness of the defunct Soviet Union. His first move was against the small country of Georgia in 2008 and he is now attacking Ukraine for the second time. Who knows what is next.

Amongst other threats, Putin has told the nations of the world to butt out, implying that he would take the war nuclear, retaliating against countries that backed Ukraine. Considering what he has already done, especially attacking Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant with artillery, that’s a threat that can’t be ignored. He is using his nuclear arsenal to cow the world, including the United States.

This leaves President Biden and the EU in a very difficult place as the titular leader of the free world. If they back Ukraine, sending troops in to defeat the invaders, they put their own countries at risk of Putin escalating, turning what is currently a conventional war into a nuclear one. We are literally back in the Cold War that defined my youth, with the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over our heads.

The question that faces you and I is how do we protect our families from that? Both Russia and the United States retain about 400 ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) each of which is capable of carrying multiple warheads. I’d say chances are pretty good that most of Russia’s are aimed at the United States, rather than Europe. So if Putin was actually crazy enough to push the button, we could very easily have a few thousand nukes heading our way; more than enough to turn our entire country into a shambles.

Surviving nuclear war consists of two parts: surviving the blast itself and surviving the fallout. Anyone living close to the epicenter of an explosion has little chance of surviving it. But those who do have the greatest chance are those who are sequestered in shelters underground. While even that will not be enough for those who are too close, it will definitely help those who are far enough out to not be burned up in the fireball or killed outright by the heat and radiation.

This is one place where guns clearly won’t help us survive, except perhaps in the mayhem afterwards. But that doesn’t mean that we are unable to do anything. The first thing we can do is move farther away from any potential target. The farther we are from them, the better our chances of survival. Once we’ve done that, the next thing is to build a shelter in our basement, if we don’t have a nearby bunker available.

Building a room out of solid concrete blocks isn’t all that hard; but putting a concrete roof on it can be. To do that requires building a temporary structure to hold the concrete up while it sets. I’ve seen this done in Mexico and they use 2”x 4”s to hold up a plywood or corrugated metal platform, which is then covered with remesh and concrete. Once set, the 2”x 4” supports can be removed and used for something else.

The other thing that’s essential to this shelter is a solid door, set into an entryway with a 90 degree bend in it. That provides better protection against bomb blast and radiation. If you can, put the entryway pointing away from the city center or any military target. Stock the shelter with everything you’d need to have in order for your family to survive six weeks, the maximum time you should have to stay there to avoid fallout. Add a Geiger counter to check for radiation when you emerge.

Granted, building such a shelter is a lot of work and expense, but a lot of people made that investment during the Cold War. While the chances that we would actually need such a thing are still fairly low, if it turns out we do, it will be too late to build one. Like having a gun or a parachute, if you don’t have one when you need one, you’ll never need one again.

Like keeping your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand, having a refuge to go to, whether a bomb shelter or a cabin in the woods, is all about survival.

Dr. Rich

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