10,000 Bullet Blueprint

Ammunition shortages can be deadly for folks like you that want to be prepared.

And if you think you’ll never run out of ammo, just look at what happened after Sandy Hook.

Runs on ammunition created a national inventory crisis and rationing from the largest ammo seller in the world:

Even dedicated reloaders faced the same pitfalls that manufacturers did: a massive shortfall in ammunition components.

And in the case of a national catastrophe or government meltdown, you can bet it will happen again.

Here’s the ugly truth:[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • When the SHTF there will be a massive run on ammunition AND ammunition components
  • Even reloaders will have trouble sourcing materials as major manufacturers hoard all available parts and powder
  • As ammo restrictions become more common, registering to buy ammo is coming to your state sooner rather than later
  • Ammunition will be become currency in a post-meltdown society where cash will only be used as kindling[/black_arrow_list]

You need to have a plan to produce your own affordable, unregistered ammunition.

That’s why smart shooters need to think outside the box and have a Plan B:

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]The 10,000 Bullet Blueprint[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

This complete blueprint will give you the means to take your bullet stockpile and production off the grid for good, WITHOUT REGISTERING WITH ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • The cheapest sources of bulk ammunition (this took years of experience combing every corner of the ‘Dark Web’)
  • Where police and sheriff’s departments get their ammunition (they do NOT want you to know their secret sources for cheap, reliable ammunition, but I’ll reveal them here)
  • How to find dirt cheap military surplus ammunition (and how to identify if that ammo will corrode or explode if stored too long!)
  • I’ll tell you about the time I found 2500 rounds for $100 (and how I recycled those bullets for the caliber I needed)


[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Plus I’ll Run Down The ONLY Reloading
Process You’ll Ever Need[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Bullet reloading can actually be MORE expensive than bulk buying unless you know how to do it right.

I’ll give you the keys to the city for making ammo cheap and even PROFITABLE:

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  • The best place to get the most important part of your reloading master plan: the casing (and which type of casing to avoid unless you want to buy very expensive equipment)
  • Where to find cheap and even free reloading tools (I’ll show you exactly what I use – and even how you can make your own tools to save big money)
  • The reloader that can fit in your bug out bag and go anywhere you go (this little $30 tool could be way more useful than yet another knife or flashlight)
  • And of course I’ll walk you step by step through my fun and profitable reloading process and how I recycle components to minimize waste

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Of Course You Could Find This All For Yourself, But…[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Yeah, you could find all this scattered over about 30 different places on the web.

You could spend hours learning what I’ve condensed into an easy-to-read hard copy book.

But what are you going to do when the SHTF and there’s no power?  No internet?

I’ve condensed by 23 years as a gunsmith into single handy book.

This is the perfect guide to take with you anywhere and help you take your bullet stockpile off the grid.

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]As Always You Have My 365-Day Guarantee[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Your complete satisfaction is my goal.

That’s why everything I sell has a No-Hassle 1 Year Guarantee.

Just email Barbara@SelfRely.com anytime to get a 100% refund on your purchase.


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